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I have always enjoyed working with my hands. I know that I have a good eye for symmetry and balance. Especially in recognizing the exquisite qualities in all things beautiful.

I am an accomplished flutist, a great cook, an effective gardener and a pretty good seamstress. Metalsmithing came about in sort of a sideways manner - a seduction that I didn't anticipate. I became addicted to the process. Soldering became a spiritual event. Jewelry design has infiltrated my psyche. In every waking moment each life vignette inspires a creation in metal. I will never extinguish the flow of ideas for new creations in my lifetime. It has now become my journey to bring these designs into existence. 

Please let me know if something that I have made inspires you. Perhaps I could create a keepsake that you will treasure and enjoy in your journey of living.

Commissions and custom orders are most welcome. Complete satisfaction is expected. I invite you to take a journey with me.  

~ Linda M. Bento-Rei

Music Making

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Please visit www.lindabento-rei.com

Interior Design


Please visit http://lmbinteriordesign.com


Find My Work At...


Peggy's Place Boutique

1 Grafton Common, #14

Grafton, MA 01519


Custom Creations


Unique custom pieces created in sterling silver and high karat gold with pearls and precious gemstones.

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